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Ring In The New Year with Dance Lessons at Arthur Murray

By November 30, 2009Special Promotions

trinquerYou know you want to dance the night away. Resolve to make 2010 the year you put on your dancing shoes at Arthur Murray! We’ll help you make 2010 a year to remember. Contact us at our Plainfield or 29th Street studios to book a free introductory lesson, or purchase an online gift certificate to give a gift that keeps on giving.

Here’s our top ten reasons to join now:

10. (For guys) Every woman LOVES a man who can dance!
9. (For gals) You didn’t buy those beautiful shoes to hide them under a table all night.

cinderella8. True story: Dancing burns more calories than those boring stints on the treadmill.
7. (For gals) Swirly skirts are made for dancing. Make your dresses smile!
6. Have you heard about the healing properties of sound therapy, chakra tuning, or Tibetan bowl therapy? Dancing is good for your chakras, your aura, and that parts of you that *can* be seen!
5. Weight loss factoid: It is very difficult to eat that (first, second, third) brownie during a Salsa dance!
4. People love to watch people who dance. People who love to watch people who dance wish they could dance too! Don’t be a people-watcher or wisher, be a Middle-aged couple dancing waltz at nightpeople-dancer!
3. Dancing keeps you young at heart – literally (cardio) and figuratively (we mean your figure). Okay, we also mean emotionally too.
2. Dancing has been scientifically proven to fight depression and improve socialization. What better way to beat the winter blues? Turn your Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD) into Glorious Living And Dancing (GLAD).
And, the Number 1 Reason to join Arthur Murray in 2010….

1.  Couples who sway together, stay together!