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Ballroom Bootcamp Report from Val Lego: There’s No Smiling in Tango

Today’s the big day for the “Dancing for a VARI Good Cause” benefit for the Van Andel Institute, and our celebrities are busy getting ready to dazzle guests for “fun and non-profit.” If you can’t be there, don’t forget to go vote online! In the mean time, here’s a fun blogger report from WZZM’s Val Lego and a link to a video that has a snippet of her dance adventure. You go girl!


By Val Lego

I have to say, I never quite grasped what I was getting myself into when Carol Van Andel asked me to participate in Dancing for a VARI Good Cause last October. 72 hours of tango lessons later, I’ve learned a few things.

If it feels awkward, you are most likely doing it right. The only reason why your toes get stepped on is because they weren’t supposed to be there in the first place. Counting isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. And after decades of trying to lead the way, I’ve finally learned to follow, my dad thanks you Mr. Silva!

There have been moments when I begged and pleaded to change the routine because I never thought I would be able to master a particular move, but Mr. Silva never gave in or gave up. There were moments when after a 2 hour tango lesson I didn’t think I was going to be able to move again, but I never had so much fun !

Here are a few of the few of the humorous outtakes I remember:

“The bus is leaving Mr. Silva with out or without you!”
“You messed up Mr. Silva?? How could YOU be the one to mess up when I just learned this step 10 minutes ago?”
“There’s no jumping OR smiling in tango!”
“Again !” ( and again and again and…..)
I had a wonderful experience, and I want to thank both Carol Van Andel and the Arthur Murray studio for an opportunity I’m sure I will remember for a lifetime!   And while you may not see it on my face ~ I’ll be smiling on the inside when I dance the Tango !

To see a clip, visit