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Check out Showcase Guests Emmanuel Pierre-Anthony and Liana Churilova

Don’t miss your chance for private coaching May 16th with ‘world mambo king’ Emmanuel Pierre-Anthony and the ever-hot Latin champ, Liana Churilova! Emmanuel and Liana will be putting in a ‘Dancing with the Stars’ caliber appearance at the May 15th Showcase slated for the JW Marriott ballroom in Grand Rapids, but an even neater treat will be private coaching the next day. Emmanuel hails from Haiti, where his passion for partner dancing after studying ballet, jazz, modern dance and Haitian folklore, led him to found Caminito, a top school of international-style ballroom dance. He came to America in 2003 to take the rhythm and mambo scenes by storm. Now paired with Russian-born dynamo Liana, the duo is a crowd favorite thanks to their sizzling chemistry and “lighting-fast routines, precision, fun, and daring.”