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Their First Dance: Not what you might expect today’s bride and groom

By November 23, 2009Wedding Tips

the first dance of a newly-married coupleIf you think that most young couples today dream of their first dance at their wedding as a graceful waltz across the floor, think again! Most of today’s soon-to-be newlyweds are abandoning slow, romantic ballads in favor of something that would have been considered quite shocking not too long ago… A sultry Tango – perhaps one of the sexiest dances in ballroom – or a high energy Salsa are more likely to be that special dance.

One Midwestern couple astonished their guest with a slow, romantic waltz that suddenly transformed into a professional style CHA-CHA, taking everyone by surprise. And, while the dances changed, one thing that stays the same: it takes three to four months to master the basics to look great on the dance floor for that special first dance and the entire celebration. If a couple’s honeymoon includes a cruise, their memories of dancing on deck will be even better.

Ballroom Dancers.There’s even an unexpected bonus to learning how to dance for your wedding. “Many couples come back to the studios after their weddings and tell us that they were able to enjoy dancing with uncles and aunts and grandparents for the first time,” says Tony Cardinali, First Vice President of Franchise Relations for Arthur Murray International.

“While they know that many different age groups will attend, couples don’t realize that the musical range is enormous. When they know the basics, they can really enjoy dancing to all different kinds of music.”

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