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Tips for Brides and Grooms on Wedding Dance Planning

By November 25, 2009Wedding Tips

Beautiful couple - bride and groom - dancingFor the brides and grooms planning a wedding now is the time to start working on that special first dance. Captured on videotape, photographed and sent today by video email to friends who can’t attend the wedding, those first steps will be memorialized for many years to come.
Here’s what the dance experts at Arthur Murray International say will help today’s bride and groom look their best:

– Practice in the shoes you’ll be wearing. If you learn to foxtrot in a pair of flats but wear heels for your wedding, the difference may take you by surprise.
– Start as early as possible. More than one Arthur Murray Dance Studio has stories of couples that come in three days before the wedding. Three to six months is better.
– Practice often – in the living room, kitchen, poolside or when you go out with friends. Whenever the opportunity to take a turn on the dance floor presents itself, practice, practice, and practice.
– If you can include parents and other members of the wedding party in dance preparations – it’s a lot more fun and relieves stress for everyone.
– Select a song or dance you want to use. Make sure that band or DJ can get the music or learn the song if it’s one they don’t already know.
– Consider what you’ll be wearing- Trails and a floor length gown will be great for the Waltz, but no for Salsa or Swing.
– Select a band or DJ that can provide you with a variety of music and dance styles.
– If your honeymoon involves a cruise or resort, have your lessons include a variety of different dance styles so you’re ready for anything!

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